Delay fatigue with MaddCog

MaddCog Early Access | $20

Win more League of Legends games by monitoring your mental performance. Know when to take a break, and when you are in Flow.

MaddCog uses EEG and heart rate variability to track mental performance, while the League of Legends integration combines this with your game stats.

Requirements: Play League of Legends and have a Windows PC with Bluetooth, or an iPhone

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Early access includes:


MaddCog Apps 

Currently available for iPhone and Windows (beta). Bluetooth is required.

MaddCog headband

EEG and HR Sensors

Receive our prototype sensor now, and then our new slimline headband with integrated EEG and HR when available

Take a break before you fatigue

Sustain your high win rate by getting a recommendation after a match if you need a break.


Take a 5min break

How can you recover quickly?

Receive guided recovery recommendations to reduce fatigue and have you back performing at your best

Track your performance

Receive live feedback, post-game details, and track your performance over time to learn when you play at your best


How to use MaddCog



Put on your MaddCog sensors and start the app



Play League of Legends and review live info as needed



Get post-game results and recommendations

What is early access?

Early access to MaddCog allows serious League of Legend players to improve their performance by getting insights into their mental performance


Discounted price

We are not looking to profit from early access users. We will actually provide ~$400 of sensor hardware to each user. We are charging a small fee so we can work closely with committed users.


Ongoing improvements

You will be sent the new MaddCog sensor when available. This has EEG and heart rate variability integrated into the headband. You will also receive ongoing app updates and new features.


MaddCog Discord Server

Chat directly to the founders and engineers in the MaddCog Discord server. Provide your feedback and learn how to get the most out of MaddCog.


Ongoing support

MaddCog sensors come with a 12 month warranty and we provide personal support to solve any issue or question.

The Science

Flow & Win Rate

Read MaddCog's article on Flow and League of Legends performance here.


Have a question?


1) If I purchase early access, when do I get it?

MaddCog has sensor stock ready to send. Sensors are sent worldwide using DHL. Once received, you can start using it immediately. You will get access to ongoing app updates, and will be sent the new MaddCog headband when available.

2) Are these sensors safe to wear?

The sensors are safe to wear. They use standard BLE to send the data, just like a smartwatch or wireless headphones. The EEG simply detects activity from skin touch, and the MaddCog headband uses optimal sensors to measure heart rate variability, just like many smartwatches do.

3) Is this accurate?

All the sensor hardware is accurate, and we can supply published research if requests. Additionally, MaddCog's measures of fatigue, flow and performance have been developed from hundreds of hours of controlled trials to ensure validity.

4) Why is this only $20?

MaddCog is currently in early access. We are not looking to profit, and the hardware alone costs us several hundred dollars. Rather we charge $20 for access to ensure early access users are committed and have a serious interest in the product. We are after dedicated users who are interested in the product and want to product useful feedback.