Game Your Best

MaddCog measures mental performance using EEG and HRV to help you game at your best with science-supported confidence

How it works?

MaddCog offers a complete mental performance solution for gaming companies to embed in gaming headsets



EEG and PPG sensors are embedded in gaming headsets

MaddCog Engine


Machine learning models turn the sensor data into mental performance metrics

Improved Performance

Improved Performance

Feedback to the gamer helps them play at their best


Live Feedback

Recommendations are presented live to help the gamer take actionable steps to play their best. When is focus dropping? When do they need a break? Are they ready to perform?


Game Trends

Post-game reports provide insights into mental performance, while trends show changes over time. Is performance improving? What time of day do they play best? What pre-game routine works?

Team View

Team View

Keep track of your whole team and compare post-game stats. Great for coaches. Should the team play again? Or take a break? Who performed the best?

Performance Metrics

The MaddCog algorithms provide a variety of metrics to assess gamer performance, as well as recommendations and guidance on how to play their best

Battery Icon


Capacity to Perform

Available mental energy. Power decreases as mental fatigue increases, resulting in reduced performance.

Focus Icon


Targetted Concentration

Level of concentration currently dedicated to the game. Low Focus increases the risk of making an error.

Awareness Icon


Broad Vision

Lack of Awareness results in poorer performance due to an inability to fully assess game activity.

Pressure Icon


Mental Load​

A combination of stress and mental workload. Champions thrive under pressure while others crumble.

Performance Icon


Overall Performance Level

Estimates overall mental performance by combining Power, Focus and Awareness.

Recommendation Icon


Clear Guidance

Recommendations and feedback to ensure you consistently play at your best.

What We Offer

MaddCog Sensor Module

Sensor Module

MaddCog offers a sensor module with integrated EEG and PPG for easy implementation into any headset form factor

MaddCog App


MaddCog provides an app and backend for data capture, game integration, and delivery of the experience to the gamer

Find Out More

MaddCog is partnering with gaming brands to bring performance focused technology to serious gamers. Please contact us for details.